The City Emerging



for Violin and Piano (1983)

Nancy Roth, Violin

Karl Voss, piano

“Sky Turn Falling”

from MAINSTREAMS (1987)

Jan Abell, Soprano

Kathryn Elaine Williams, Piano

Hedina for Electric Guitar and Strings (1983)

Benign Fixations for Violin and Piano (1983)

Autumn Music (1985)

The Observer and the Observed–A Micro Opera (1986)

Burned and Scattered Gods forTrumpet and Small Ensemble (1987)

Mainstreams–Songs for Voice and Piano (1987)

Entente for Orchestra (1989)


for Small Ensemble (1985)

Performed by The California E.A.R. Unit at

St. Mary’s College in June of 1993

Featuring Performances by Jan Abell, Andrew Dawson,  Nancy Roth, Cinthea Stahl, Timothy K. Taylor, Karl Voss, Kathryn Elaine Williams, and The California E.A.R. Unit

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