Lives of the Saints




Lives of the Saints (13:30)

Credo Epochula (10:27)

At the Wall of Tears Boutique (13:47)

The Blue Night (3:39)

Manchester Prefix (1:42)

Manchester Between the Lakes (10:08)

Credo Urbana (13:43)

Credo Suffix (4:53)

Composed and Realized by Frederick Moore

Produced by Frederick Moore & Phil Calvert

Photography: Phil Calvert

• Several brief quotations from Joyce Cary’s novel Herself Surprised appear in “Credo Epochula”.

• “The Blue  Night” includes several references to Anna Homler’s poem “Breadwoman”.

• All other text by Frederick Moore

Additional Musicians

Voices: Jan Abell, Haruna Aoki, Anna Homler, Asuncion Ojeda, Elizabeth Saunders, Cinthea Stahl

Flute: Asuncion Ojeda

Saxophones: Timothy K. Taylor

Released in 1994

Lives of the Saints (1992)

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